Stewardship Awareness & Development

This ministry is responsible for co-ordinating the stewardship development programme of the church. The stewardship and development theme is “Stewardship… a way of life”.

The motivation for a life of Christian Stewardship comes from our realization of what God has done and continues to do for us. Stewardship reminds us that we are the custodians, not the owners, of our assets. We offer our most sincere thanks through our gifts of time, talent and treasure. The Stewardship Development programme helps each member of the parish family to develop an understanding of and commitment to the Biblical concepts of purposeful and deliberate giving. We can define stewardship as “the intentional, planned and proportionate contribution of time, talent and treasure to the Church and to others.

The programme is Laity led and will be intimately involved in the long and short range planning of the church. It is expected that every member of the parish family will be able to put forward his or her ideas for the development of the church. Every one of the suggestions and ideas will be seriously considered, evaluated and prioritised.

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The Stewardship Programme, sponsored by the Diocese of Barbados, seeks to enhance:

  • The physical and spiritual life of our members;
  • Stewardship through the giving to Time, Talent and Treasure;
  • The journey of faith of all Anglicans – both its joy and challenges

The focus is on Christian Stewardship which is an attitude that influences our daily life – how we behave at work and home, take care of ourselves – body, mind and spirit; care for God’s earth – by protecting and improving our surroundings, and being concern of and for others. Stewardship is also the understanding of our God-given gifts and using them in a way that reflects our values and faith.

The church is therefore a primary source and channel to take each of us on our journey to a better life in Christ. Working together under the leadership of our Priest, clergy and laity, church members would see the results of this partnership in Christ.

The Stewardship & Development Committee, under the chairmanship of Mr. Ron Hewitt, is responsible for bringing together all organisations and groups at The Church of Christ The King to create a cohesive unit for overall growth through –

  • Information – ensuring that the church is efficiently managed, membership records are efficiently maintained and that information is communicated at all levels;
  • Long Range Planning – soliciting ideas from all members, developing plans for the overall benefit of members on either short or long term timelines;
  • Education – increasing the overall knowledge of all members through a variety training and development programs in line with biblical principles;
  • Commitment – reinforcing the need for personal and spiritual growth of church members that would strengthen their devotion to God in all aspects of their lives, and expressing gratitude to God through intentional, planned, and proportionate giving of our time, talent, and treasure.

The Stewardship Development Committee:

  • Reports to the Parochial Church Council (PCC) and although the programme is laity led, the Rector and the PCC will all play a significant role in the development and implementation of the plans for the church;
  • Will not replace any organisation or group in the church, but will work with and through them to implement any program agreed by the Church.
  • Will provide continuous and timely feedback on all aspects of the program to ensure that everyone is kept fully informed. Opportunities will be provided for questions and resulting feedback.

Together this committee and all church members will seek to work hand-in-hand to be even better stewards of God’s gifts.


1 John 5:1-6: Through His redeeming work, Jesus rescued us from being selfish people who desire to use our time, talents and treasure only for ourselves, and instead follow His lead in obeying God’s command to use all our resources to do good to all people and support the work of His church.

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